Julia Byon
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Classic-ly Corrupt

By Julia Byon

Come in, Have some tea

Welcome! This is a place where you can learn a little bit about me. I like to dabble in a number of hobbies with my sparetime.

Travel - Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Boston, Nice
Music - Classical, Jazz, Rock, Indie, Piano, Guitar, Accordian
Outdoors - Parkour, Bouldering, Biking, Urban Exploration
Dabble - Decals, Cooking

Pictures below ↓ Some small snippets! :)

Fun *cough*Efforts*cough*

Zelda Box
Birch Box, Traced Artwork

Roadbike Postcard
Engraving, first attempt. Based on a Bianchi Roadbike

Card Deck Container
Acrylic. Magic the Gathering Icons